A Reputable Provider for Cremations in Florissant, MO

Suppose you are in the position of needing to select a funeral home to make end-of-life arrangements for an immediate or upcoming need. In that case, we offer our condolences and services to support you at this difficult time. St Louis Cremation is the most reputable provider for cremations in Florissant, MO.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have grown to be the largest and longest standing provider of cremation services in the state of Missouri. We have expanded our services and locations over the years to meet our clients’ needs. We offer an affordable alternative to more expensive, traditional funeral homes.

We believe that in order to serve you best, we need to go beyond what is expected. We aim to create more value for our clients through meaningful and compassionate interchanges as we work together to lay your loved one to rest. Your loved one will be in safe hands with us.


Cremations in Florissant, MO with a Memorial Service?

We specialize in cremations in Florissant, MO, and offer direct cremation, or cremation with a range of good service options. Direct cremation entails just cremation without a memorial or funeral service. This can help families who want to keep things very small and private or wish to hold a memorial at a future date.

We are equipped to support memorial services with or without the ashes present. We can offer a viewing and funeral before cremation if that fulfills your needs better. We can even support a more traditional funeral with a casket burial if that is preferred.

No matter which of our options you select, we will be very transparent with you on the cost of the services you are considering. We never hide our fees or advertise a basic price that doesn’t include the necessary items you may need. For example, our pricing includes the transfer of your loved one into our care, an urn (or an allowance for an urn), a cremation container, and the filing of the necessary paperwork and certified death certificates.


Cremation is an Increasingly Popular Choice

There are many reasons people might opt for cremation in the modern world. Some choose it as an environmentally-friendly option. The thinking here is that caskets and burial vaults take up considerable land space and take many years to break down entirely. Cremation offers a more natural process to return to the elements.

Others choose it because it typically costs less than traditional funeral services with embalming, caskets, burial vaults, and the like. The more services that are used, the higher the price of the package in most cases.


A Full-Service Funeral Home

As a full-service funeral home, we have all of the equipment and tools to take care of the services that we offer. That means we don’t need to contract with third-party providers to deliver our services. This keeps our pricing lower, cutting out the middleman. It also creates peace of mind for the families we help since your loved one never leaves our care. We have everything you need, which means things are a little simpler for you.

We also know that the grieving process doesn’t end the moment your loved one’s funeral is over. Please contact us for grief resources.


Keepsakes Can Bring Comfort

We offer many varieties of keepsake options that you may wish to purchase. Cremation jewelry is designed to hold a small portion of cremated remains, hair clippings, or crushed flowers. We have many styles and materials available. This keeps the memory of your loved one near and can bring comfort to many.

Additionally, the online obituary page and tribute wall we create for your loved one will be available for years to come. The option to revisit that digital space of connection and support is appreciated by many of our clients.


Pre-Arrangements Available

If there is an upcoming need for our services, please consider taking a little time to pre-select what services you or your loved one would like to have for the final arrangements. This is easier than you might think. Our simple-to-use online form can help you get started today.

Preplanning doesn’t necessarily need to wait until you have an impending death, either. You can make a plan now, years before you expect to need it. We can then save your preferences for your future needs. The option to prepay for the services now is something many people choose to do to hedge against rising costs.


Contact Us to Get Started

Our arrangements for cremations in Florissant, MO, can be entirely set up over the phone and online if that is helpful to you. You can view the authorization forms and our pricing on our website. We would also gladly arrange a time to meet with you and give you a tour if that works better as well.