Pet Cremation



Chances are you are reading this because you have either lost a loving pet or you are about to make a very difficult decision.  “We know that pets are family, too” and that the loss of a pet is much like the loss of a family member. Heartland Pet Cremation services focus on honoring the special bond developed between a pet and a family during the pet’s life. Heartland’s services are customized to a family’s needs and wishes in the most professional and caring manner. The basic cost for service is $295 per pet and includes:

  • “Private” cremation to assure that the family will receive only their pet’s cremated remains
  • Pickup of the pet from the family’s home or veterinarian
  • Return of the cremated remains (usually 48-72 hours of receipt)
  • A temporary urn

Our professional staff will provide you with caring assistance and gladly answer any questions you may have. Email us, fax us, call us, visit us at your convenience.

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