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Cremation Service Myths Cleared Up

cremation service in St. Charles, MOEven though cremation service in St. Charles, MO have been around for a long time, there are still a lot of myths surrounding the process. Since it has become more popular in recent years, more people are asking questions about it and are considering it for themselves or for family members who have passed on. Here are a few myths that are easy enough to clear up with the truth:

Myth 1: Ashes Are Mixed And Returned Wrong

Some people are afraid that someone else’s ashes are going to be left behind in the crematory and their own will be mixed with them. They are also afraid that their ashes might accidentally go to someone else while the other family’s loved ones go to their family. Professional crematoriums, however, have processes in place to make sure there is absolutely no chance of mix-ups. There are levels of identification that ensure each person is who they should be, and the crematory is thoroughly cleaned between cremations. Only one person is placed in the crematory at a time so there is no mixing occurring at all.

Myth 2: Cremation Isn’t For The Religious

This used to be true for some, but today, cremation is accepted by almost all major religions. There are still a few that are against it and if you think your faith might be, check into it. But most religions allow and accept it while some even favor it. Cremation used to be much more shrouded and mysterious but today, it is no longer a secret or taboo.

Myth 3: Scattering Ashes Is Illegal

You are most certainly permitted to scatter ashes in a legal manner. While there are some areas that you can’t do it (like on private property without permission) you can certainly scatter someone’s ashes in the proper locations without breaking any rules. If you aren’t sure where you can and cannot scatter ashes, check with local officials to find out before you move forward. But you are not doing something illegal, but rather something to honor your loved one.

Myth 4: Cremation Is Only For Those Who Can’t Afford Burial

Cremation is most certainly utilized, at times, by people who can’t afford traditional services, but that’s not the only reason people choose it. In fact, most people choose it because of its flexibility. IT costs less, yes, but cost is not the only thing that goes into the choice.

When you are ready for cremation service planning in St. Charles, MO, whether a loved one has passed away or you want to make your own plans, the professionals at St. Louis Cremation will help you in any way we can. If you have heard other myths and you want to ask questions, we’re here to answer. You can visit us at 2135 Chouteau Ave St. Louis, MO 63103 for a conversation or tour or you can call us with questions at (314) 241-8844. We want to help you with your cremation needs both right away and in the future.