Top Reasons to Choose Cremation Service in St. Louis, MO

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In recent decades, cremation has increased in prevalence and popularity, as more families and individuals are choosing cremation as the means of dispositioning their deceased loved ones. Those who choose cremation, benefit from its flexibility and practicality. The stigma that was historically associated with the practice has slowly faded away. A St. Louis, MO cremation provider offers families a way to say goodbye to the fallen in a way that meets their needs.

Here are the top reasons that people are choosing cremation care:

Cost: When compared with traditional funeral expenses, cremation service tends to be much more affordable. From the simplicity of a direct cremation to the personalized cremation with a service, most services will just cost less. At its most basic, there is no burial casket to purchase, no funeral plot to buy, no embalming service to pay for. These costs can add up quickly, but can altogether be avoided if desired.

Environmentally Conscious: For those who wish to better care for the earth when they die, cremation is often considered an appropriate way to minimize environmental impact. It is a gentle alternative that can help to avoid the use of embalming chemicals and burial of casket materials that will ultimately degrade and pollute the soil.

Convenience: Cremations can be performed immediately after death, and any accompanying memorial service can be scheduled at a future time, when more convenient for attendees to gather. Traditional funerals do not allow for this flexibility since the body of the deceased is present at the service before interment. The timeline before disposition must occur is short.

Minimalist: Cremation service can be as functional and simple as desired. For many families, this makes them practical. The family can then choose what they would like to do with the ashes of their loved one in a personal and private way.

Mobility: Our modern society is highly mobile, moving to different locations across the country and globe for work, family, climate, retirement, preference, etc. A traditional burial of a loved one is a fixed location that is not commonly moved. Cremation allows families the option to bring the ashes of their deceased loved one with them where ever they go.

Choosing a Cremation Service Type in St. Louis, MO

The beauty of cremation planning is that it provides options. That means you can still choose to hold a traditional funeral service with a viewing if that is important to you. Then, instead of burial in a cemetery, the remains are cremated. Keep in mind that in this scenario, the deceased’s body would need to be embalmed. This service, and any other services needed for a full-service funeral, would add to the overall cost of aftercare.

Alternatively, you can choose to hold a memorial with the ashes of the deceased present. Both funeral and memorial service types function to serve the same purpose. That is, to honor and remember the deceased’s life and story. This option avoids the bulk of cost that traditional funeral care requires.

The simplest and least expensive option is to disposition the fallen without a tribute service, maintaining a quiet peace and dignity in their death. The remains are returned to the family or per instructions given. The deceased is thoughtfully and respectfully cared for throughout the cremation process.

Where to Lay Your Loved One to Rest

After cremation, the ashes of a fallen loved one are returned to the next of kin. Typically, this is the family of the person who has died. They are then able to choose where and how they would like to lay the ash remains to rest. For some families, this is best accomplished by placing the ashes in a personalized urn and kept at home in loving memory. Other families choose to bury the ashes in a cemetery, or an ash garden. Some choose to place their loved one in a niche of a columbarium. Still, others decide to scatter the ashes in a serene place where it is legally allowed to do so. When you choose cremation service in St. Louis, MO, the options of where to final rest are many.

Cremation Planning

Preneed planning an after-life care service is simple and financially smart. By planning services in advance, you gain the advantage of specifying exactly what you want for yourself in death. Pricing tends to be competitive because advance purchase locks in the cost at today’s prices, helping you to avoid inflation and demand-driven cost increases.

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