Respectful and Compassionate Cremations in St. Peters, MO

Facing the death of a loved one is understandably a stressful and challenging time. The licensed professionals at St. Louis Cremation are here to help ease your stress however possible. We compassionately provide straightforward options for cremations in St. Peters, MO, as well as other attached services as desired. We respect your wishes, and we promise to be upfront about our pricing and processes.


Family Owned and Operated

With over three decades of experience as a business, we have helped thousands of families through some of the most heart-wrenching times they face. First established in 1984 by J. Gayle King, we eventually expanded and are now operated by the two sons, Oliver and Justin.

We have grown to be the most prominent provider of cremation services in the state during this time. With a strong commitment to go beyond what is expected, we aim to keep all of our interactions with clients compassionate and meaningful. We treat you just how we want to be treated.


Choices About Cremations in St. Peters, MO

We specialize in cremation; in fact, we are also the oldest cremation service provider in the state of Missouri. We help families in a wide range of circumstances to select the services that match their needs and desires.

We can perform direct cremation if that seems best. Cremation allows the time-sensitive portion of end-of-life arrangements to be met without planning a memorial or funeral service. We can also provide cremation with an honoring service attached. In this case, you decide if you prefer a memorial service, a viewing, and/or a traditional funeral prior to the cremation.

We are a full-service funeral home, so we can also support full funeral service with traditional burial as well. We take great pride in honoring veterans. If that is applicable in your situation, please let us know.

No matter what package you choose, we are upfront with you about exactly what is being offered and what you can expect to pay for the services rendered. Hiring us for cremations in St. Peters, MO, should not be an additional source of stress for you. We will handle all necessary paperwork to comply with applicable laws and regulations.


Things to Know Before You Retain a Provider

A few things will be helpful to know as you make your decision of whom to hire for these services. One question to ask is, ‘where does the actual cremation take place?’. Many funeral homes offer cremation services, but not many can offer it at their own site or even supervise it by their own staff. It is a comfort to the families we work with to know that their loved one never leaves our care.


It is also essential to know what the total price you can expect to pay will be. Sometimes providers will advertise their most basic service price tag but neglect to mention the additional costs that weren’t included, such as:

  • The removal of the deceased and transporting them into their care
  • Filing for paperwork, including certified copies of death certificates
  • The cost of a more permanent urn if desired

We do not do this. At St. Louis Cremation, we advertise our total price per package. No upselling, no surprises; just exceptional, compassionate service.

Our directors do not make any bonus commission for marketing higher-priced services to the bereaved along these same lines. We absolutely want you to receive what is best for you at this time. We promise to be honest and open about our costs and the options you have.


The Benefits of Pre-Arrangement

You can plan ahead for an upcoming death, either for yourself or for a family member. This is an excellent way to prepare for a need you can see coming in the future. It can be helpful to make this pre-need plan with the input of the person who is passing, so there is no guesswork by the remaining loved ones.

It is also appropriate to work out the basics of this plan if there is no upcoming timeline in sight. We know it is a good practice to put our affairs in order and hedge against unknowns. This is not much different than purchasing life insurance or drafting a legal will. It is simply a kindness you can provide to your loved ones while ensuring your final wishes will be known and respected.


Contact Us for a No-Obligation Consultation

For all of your cremation needs at any stage of the process for cremations in St. Peters, MO, call us at St. Louis Cremation. We are set up to make arrangements with you entirely over the phone if you prefer. You can preview our policies and authorization forms on our website as well. Additionally, tours and in-person meetings can be arranged promptly by calling for an appointment.