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We are continuing to serve families during the COVID-19 crisis. Call (314) 241-8844 to learn more.
We are continuing to serve families during the COVID-19 crisis. Call (314) 241-8844 to learn more.

Cremation Services And Weather Don’t Always Cooperate

Planning the perfect cremation service in St. Charles, MO is easy enough if you know what your loved one wanted or have a pretty good idea what they would appreciate. It might include an outdoor portion that has a memorial, an ash scattering, or some kind of ceremony outside. However, what you picture in your mind might not always go along with what the weather dictates. Ideally, you would have the right weather for whatever you want to do outside. But the forecasters don’t always allow that to be the case. Here are a few tips for trying to coordinate or combat the weather when you are working on cremation services for a loved one.

Check The Forecast With Care

If you want to plan a cremation service with a few days to play around with, check the forecast and see which day has the smallest chances of rain. Choose a day with a higher temperature in the winter or a lower level of humidity in the summer. In St. Louis, the temperature and conditions range a great deal and you can sometimes find what you need in a few day span. However, forecasts aren’t always right and there are some weeks during certain seasons that are never going to give you the right forecast.

Have A Shelter

If it does turn out to be a rainy day, it might be a good idea to have a shelter you can utilize, just in case. If you’re going to have a memorial in a park, for example, book a nearby shelter so your family can gather there, despite the rain. The rain doesn’t have to scare everyone away if you have somewhere you can be to get through it together.

Back Up The Plans

You might want to have a few different contingency plans. First, you could have an indoor location as a back up for the service. That isn’t going to help you if you are having an ash scattering service outside somewhere, but it it’s another kind of memorial, you could have it inside if the need arose. Second, you might want to have a backup date in mind if your memorial service has to be outside and the weather elements don’t cooperate. Rescheduling can be hard if your family is traveling in for the service, but everyone knows the weather can’t be controlled.

If you need help with plans that go around certain weather conditions, the professionals at St. Louis Cremation can help. We’ve seen cremation service in St. Charles, MO of all different kinds and we can suggest things that might help you work around the weather we have in this region of the country. Come see our facilities at 320 Jungermann Rd St Peters, MO 63376 and we can show you around and let you in on how we operate. You can also call us for information and details at (636) 227-4488. We’re here to help you with every aspect of the process.


Responsibly Serving Local Families
During the COVID-19 Crisis

At St. Louis Cremation, we want you to know we are continuing to serve local families while steadfastly following state and local requirements to ensure everyone's health and safety.

Due to social distancing conditions and CDC restrictions on large in-person gatherings, some of our services are modified at this time; to learn about the options currently available to local families, contact us at (314) 241-8844.

As we continue to serve the community, safety remains our top priority. Along with the meticulous standards for hygiene we have always maintained, we are currently following additional cleaning protocols to ensure a safe environment for both families and staff.

We remain available 24/7 to help your family and answer any questions you have during this time. Don't hesitate to reach out and learn how we can help.