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Customizing A Cremation Service

cremation service in St. Charles, MOWhen you are preparing a cremation service in St. Charles, MO for a loved one, the last thing you want is to have a service that is just like any other cremation service. Your loved one was a unique individual and you want their services to be just as special as they were. While the cremation process itself is pretty much the same every time, what you do after the cremation can create a completely customized, special, unique experience for your family members to honor your loved one. Here are a few ideas.

Utilize The Person’s Personality

Even if you have a memorial service that is similar to a funeral, it won’t feel like any other memorial service because of the person you are honoring. Choose hymns they enjoyed and readings they would appreciate. Whoever speaks will share memories of that individual and you can have pictures of them up as well. The memorial service doesn’t have to have a lot of unique elements to be unlike any other service because it revolves around your one-of-a-kind loved one.

Consider A Unique Event

Memorial services don’t always have to be held in a church, funeral home, or at a cremation provider’s facility, either. You can have them at any time and in any location. If your loved one adored fresh air in the fall, have the memorial service in a park. If they appreciated picnic food more than any other, enjoy a picnic in their honor. The event can be as unique as your loved one and you can have it anywhere and at any time.

Celebrate Their Life

While memorial services are known for being somber events, you can have more of a celebration of life if you want to do something really unique and special for your loved one. At an event of this nature, you celebrate a life well-lived instead of remembering a death. You want your loved one to be honored for the special memories and moments they brought to the lives around you. These celebrations can be parties, attending a baseball game, a family meal with shared memories, or anything else you want them to be.

Pictures Are Key

Whatever type of memorial or celebration you choose to have, including pictures of your loved one, happy in a variety of time sin their life, is often a key to making things unique and keeping it all revolving around them. Put together a photo book or memorial video or something of that nature so everyone can enjoy their memories with photos of the good times.

When you are ready to move forward with a cremation service in St. Charles, MO, contact the professionals at St. Louis Cremation. We have put together many different types of services and we’re here to help you honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit. You can visit with us in person at 320 Jungermann Rd St Peters, MO 63376, or call to set up a time to ask questions when you have a convenient window in your schedule. You can call us at (636) 227-4488.