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Details About Direct Cremation

cremation service in St. Charles, MOWhile cremation has been around for thousands of years, it has become more popular in recent decades. More religions and individuals accept it now and it is utilized in half of all deaths as the final disposition method. While the cremation service in St. Charles, MO itself is always the same, the timeline for the cremation differs. If you have heard of ‘direct cremation,’ it is the fastest cremation method.

Many people are choosing direct cremation over the other option because it happens soon after death. All that has to be done prior to the cremation is the paperwork, including the death certificate and consent forms. Then, the person is cremated. There isn’t much fanfare with the process. If families choose a full cremation service, they would have a funeral, complete with a visitation beforehand, then followed by cremation.

One of the benefits of direct cremation is that because it happens quickly, the timeline on any type of memorial service is them taken away. This can be very nice for families. Some families are spread out and it takes time to gather everyone together. Others might want more time to plan something truly unique and special for their loved one. There is no right or wrong time to have a memorial service after direct cremation. Some people might want to have it within a few days while others will wait weeks or even months to honor their loved one in that manner.

Direct cremation also costs less than the alternative. There are fewer products and services for direct cremation than there is for a cremation that takes place after a funeral. When a full funeral is held, there are going to be further costs involved that you just don’t need when cremation takes place right away. There are many people that appreciate the lower cost more than anything else. If you decide on direct cremation for your plans, or for a loved one, there’s nothing wrong with going that direction just because of the nice, low cost.

Cremation is highly popular and direct cremation, even more so. But each family has to decide what is best for their situation, their loved one, and their family. If you are thinking ahead for yourself, consider what you want, but also what your family would appreciate. Your services will be as much for them as they are for you.

When you are ready to start planning a cremation service in St. Charles, MO, either for yourself or a loved one, contact the professionals at St. Louis Cremation for help. We’re located at 320 Jungermann Rd St Peters, MO 63376 and you can come by for a tour of our facilities or to look over package options with us. You can also ask questions about direct cremation and other options by phone when you call us at (636) 227-4488. We are patient, compassionate individuals who want to help you get the final services you need for yourself or for a loved one who has passed away within your family.