Ideas for a Child’s Funeral Service

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Personalizing a funeral is an excellent way to make the celebration of your child’s life more meaningful. Many of the suggestions in this section can be handled by your funeral director, or you can handle them yourself. For more information, look into the cremation service in St. Charles, MO.

Involving Siblings

Parents must decide whether to include their other children in the funeral. Siblings can contribute to the service by reading a poem, a letter, or a story, or by giving a gift, a letter, or a drawing to go with their deceased sibling, or even drawing pictures on the coffin. Making memories and talking as a family can help children feel close and included. Depending on the age of the children, it may be necessary to request that another adult with whom they are familiar be present to care for them during the service. It may also be beneficial to prepare them for what they may see and hear before, during, and after the funeral. They must understand that people at the funeral will express their grief in various ways and that some of them may cry and be upset.

Including Close Friends

You can include older children’s friends in the service by asking them to read a favorite poem, sing a favorite song, or play an instrument. They can also help light candles, place flowers, or form a guard of honor.

Having Personalized Flower Arrangements

Consider flower arrangements in the shape of animals like teddy bears, favorite cartoon characters, or your child’s name. You may prefer a large number of single flowers to cover the coffin and the surrounding area.

Having a Memory Book

Rather than simply writing their name in a book, ask guests at the service to write down a story or a specific memory they have of your child. The funeral director will arrange for this and will most likely suggest that the book be passed around before, during, and after the service to capture as many memories as possible.

Choosing the Best Transportationcremation service in St. Charles, MO

Funeral directors may use a traditional hearse, which some funeral directors decorate with toys, decals, and fabric appropriate for the child’s age, or a smaller car to transport your child to the funeral service. You may be able to use your vehicle for babies and infants.

Choosing the Best Funeral Photography Service

Because family and friends are emotionally involved in the proceedings, taking pictures at funerals is not always possible. There is only one chance to capture some of the wonderful, heartfelt events that occur on the day, and it is unfortunately lost forever. By discreetly recording the service, a funeral photographer provides a memento of these precious last moments. This can be in the form of photographs for a memory book or a video. This allows you to see the people who came to the service to show their love and support and to pay their respects. You can also go over the special moments from the service as well as the small but important details you may have missed, which can be very comforting.

For more information, contact the cremation service in St. Charles, MO. There are suggestions for releasing doves, butterflies, and bubbles, having family pets attend the service, music, and many other things. Our staff can help you personalize a funeral service. You can also call us right now.


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