Obituaries For Cremation Services

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There are a lot of things around cremation services in St. Charles, MO that are going to be very hard to get through. One of the items on your checklist when you are ready to move on with it is the obituary. This piece of information is a good thing to write out for the cremation provider’s website as well as for newspapers. People can find out that your loved one passed on and it can give you a sense of finality at the same time. Here are some details to consider.

Include Short Bio Info

You are going to want to include a short bio of your loved one so those who knew them will recognize them. You don’t have to include every detail. In fact, there’s no way that you can. Include pertinent details like their full name, their birth and death date, and perhaps their profession and something else that stands out about them. That should be enough to let people know who they were and that they have passed on. You can include more details about them at the final service you will have for them.

Consider Listing Service Details

Another thing you can add to the obituary if you want to is information on the final service you are going to have for them. You might be having a memorial and you want the public to know when and where so anyone who knows your loved one might be able to attend. Even if you are having something small and private, you can tell people where it will take place so they can send flowers and condolences, if they choose to do so.

Place A Charitable Suggestion

cremation services in St. Charles, MOObituaries are a good place to list your loved one’s favorite charity if you would like for people to donate to a certain place instead of sending flowers to you or even instead of sending money your way. It’s a direct way to honor your loved one and it means there’s one less thing for you to do as the go between. Offer those details in the obituary and let the cremation provider know your intentions as well so they can spread the word.

Have Family Weigh In

Before you submit the final obituary to the cremation provider, you might want to have family members look it over and give their thoughts on what you have written up. It can be nice to have someone proofread and catch things you may have overlooked. Let them tell you if there are details that you might have forgotten, too.

There are lots of things that go into planning cremation services in St. Charles, MO and families generally want to have an obituary written up for their loved one to let everyone know that they have passed on. The professionals at St. Louis Cremation are here to help with every part of the process you need help with. We can show you examples of what to include in the obituary process and give you further support.