Judy Straub-Turnage

About Her

Its been nearly twenty five years
almost to the very day we met.
Heaven’s doors swung open widely
sending her with love’s caring net.

Never before had I known
love as freely as she could give
nor until she came along
had life been so easy to live.

Heaven spilled it’s soul that day
knowing I needed her with me
and ever since that time love
opened wider so I could see.

My love was an encourager
believing nothing could get in our way.
Once we jointly decided a goal
love exploded into each day.

She was a light touching many
reached even when hands were closed.
Raising to the surface heaven’s soul
least that’s what I always supposed.

For years, though suffering
she kept her spirits quite high
and shined her light brightly
as if it beamed up in the sky.

No one could have loved me more
bringing blessings with such power.
Most measure by the years
ours moved with every hour.

Today was the opening of a new season
her blossoms reminded me it was spring.
And as I kissed her “So Long”, for now
couldn’t help but hear the song we sing.

This morning heaven’s doors opened again
waving her right back from where she came.
Though life will go on with thoughts of her
living without her will never, ever be the same.

by Spencer

My love, Judy, died at 9:17 this morning, March 20, 2008.

I Cried

Fingers held back
lips puckered to kiss
arms aching for you
needing Poetic Bliss

Desire dangling
swollen to a rage
every sense feeling
trapped, caged

That dead feeling
broke thru the crust
confirming tonight
there can be no “US”

I cried. I cried
torrents of tears.
Vulnerable, open,
facing those fears.

I cried. I cried
for that lone night
wanting, needing
you as my light.

I cried. I cried
tears of lament
wailing love’s

I cried. I cried
a relentless flood
tears tracking like
facial mud.

O, I cried. I cried
for all those days
I’d miss the sharing
our lover’s craze.

I cried. I cried
for all the nights
you’ll dance in mind
in angelic lights.

I cried. I cried
for failing you
in not being
all I could be.

I cried. I cried
for different worlds
we share now
spins and twirls.

I cried. I cried
for want to share
yet knowing I can’t
be there.

I cried. I cried
myself to fever
wanting, needing
a total griever.

I cried. I cried
in the knowing
this ache shall
continue blowing.

I cried. I cried
for your needs
passion’s fire
we both bleed.

I cried. I cried
cause I can’t
do, give more
than rants.

I cried. I cried.
a lover’s scene
for the love of
my Queen.

I cried. I cried
a river’s wash
too deep for a
dam to squash.

I cried. I cried
taking not a pause
yet, celebrating you’re
under heaven’s laws.

O love. I cried
for miles so far
wishing to be
where you are.

I cried and cried
till eyes were swole
for every thought
you are the goal.

I cried. I cried
life’s falling apart.
Got you so deep
way down in…
my heart.

You are gone


Spencer T

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