Nancy Pailer

Daughter of Dorothy (Gunn) Masterson and the late John P. Masterson, beloved wife of Michael and mother of Melanie, sister of Clare Masterson and Mary (Cary) Blanc, aunt of Mary, Sharon, Michael, David, James, Chris, and Ryan, sister-in-law of Judy Pailer, and dear friend to many.

Nancy: So Much to So Many
Your aspirations are not yet known, Nancy, my child. You entered the world; all arms and legs, with the strength of a son your father never had; but with a sweet optimism of which anyone can see. The world is your playground; the trees: your jungle gym, the sky: your easel, the flowers: your inspiration. Gather up your pencil and paper, my child. Record your view of the world in gray and white. Whether it is in writing, or in your artwork. As you walk along the path of life, my child, remember all of which you see. It is from you that these memories will be shared with the ones you love. All will benefit from your wisdom. Perhaps, one day, you will change the world, my child.
When our eyes met, my friend, I saw a light in you. This light shone brighter than any I had seen before. However, I am not blinded, my friend. It is a ray that extends from your heart to mine. And as we walk along this earth together, I cherish every tree, mountain, and spring; every smile, chortle, and breath. You knew something that I did not, my friend. In a larger view of the world, earthly possessions are that of which we can replace. But the soul is not. And although in life we have reached peaks, and plummeted to valleys; our souls are bound together, my friend.
Please do not fret, my wife. They are here to gaze upon your beauty. Our life as one is beginning today. I will carry you through whenever I must, my wife. However, I know your strength surpasses mine at times. And wherever the path may lead, I will go with you. Let us walk together, my wife.
Yours were the first eyes that met mine, my mother; your arms, the first that cradled me. They are those of which remain outstretched; guiding me, and protecting me. The soul of the world is instilled in you, my mother. You have given me your knowledge of the world; and I understand. I see you now, my mother. On the outside, you are vulnerable; but on the inside, you are fighting. I sit beside you, my mother. Your hand I grasp, trembling. It is my turn now to be strong for you. I love you, my mother. Hold my hand tightly, and release yourself from pain. You will always be loved, and you will always be remembered. Today, my mother, you have changed the world.
Carry on, dear spirit. We feel you now, and will continue our lives, with you in our hearts. In life you blessed others with your love. And now, dear spirit, you fill our lives with hope and security. Today, you are free. Live on dear spirit, live on.

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