Totaro, Jacqueline “Jacque” Lynn (NEE: Glenn)

Totaro, Jacqueline “Jacque” Lynn (NEE:  Glenn), 67, of St. Peters, MO died on November 24, 2023.

Jacque was born in St. Louis, MO and graduated from Normandy High School. Jacque eventually continued on to St. Charles Community College to receive her Associate of Arts Degree, then on to Lindenwood University to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.

Jacque was married to Ralph Totaro on July 31, 1985, they were married for 38 years.

Jacque worked for Southwest Bell for many years and after receiving her degree, she worked at Willows Way adult day care in St. Charles, MO.  Jacque then worked as a Para-professional working with children at Central Elementary School in St. Peters, MO.  She enjoyed working with children the most and had a special talent for bringing them comfort and compassion when needed.

Jacque is survived by her husband Ralph, her son Nathan; her brothers William Glenn and Christopher Glenn, and her sisters Robin (Klopstein) and Patricia (Miner).

She is preceded in death by her parents William and Dorothy Glenn and sister, Kathleen (Doyle).

A celebration of life will be held on April 28, 2024; there will be a notification as to time and location.


  1. Rick and Pat Miner on December 4, 2023 at 1:35 pm

    Jackie was a sweet and caring person. We will miss her.

  2. Darlene M Barrett on February 6, 2024 at 3:49 pm

    Jacque and I met when we were in eleventh grade through my cousin. We instantly hit it off and became good friends, we hung together all the time. We went to Normandy Senior High and had some good times there. We had a lot of fun during those first few years after we met. I remember her Dad had a VW bug that she drove all the time. She started driving before I did. When she was able to get her own car, guess what she got? Yep, a VW bug. She loved those cars.

    There were about four of us that hung out pretty regularly. Besides Jacque and I, it was Rita and Madeline. I’ll never forget some of the things we all liked to do, or sometimes it was just Jacque, and I who would like to do some of these things. We used to hang at White Castles on Natural Bridge, driving around in our cars was the most fun, because you hoped you would see someone you knew. Pretty much Natural Bridge was a strip like that for guys from Normandy. We also hung out at River-roads Mall and Northwest Plaza. After Jamestown Mall was built, we checked that out a few times as well. Later in life, Jacque gave me a White Castle cup to remember the days we had then, I still have it. We also had our share of parties; some we were invited too and some we were not. The best part was hitting the table where the wedding or birthday cakes were at, we both loved the cake. We had our fair share of hitting the bars as well. Back in those days, all states did not have the same age for legal drinking at 21. Illinois’ legal age was 19 then. We would take a trip just across the river and use a fake ID, (until we turned 19).

    I had a daughter and a year later Jacque had a son, Nathan. We would hang out together with our kids then. We would go to the zoo, magic house, pumpkin patches, or just hang out and let the kids play. Back then they didn’t have all the things they have now for kids to go too. Those were some of the best years of my life and probably for Jacque too. Her and Ralph raised such a good son. Nate has always been polite and respectful to me and to others I have seen him around. I know they are so proud of him.

    Later Jacque introduced me to a friend of hers that she met working at AT& T, Rhonda. The three of became really close and had our share of happy hours, which sometimes went a little later than that.

    As time passes, and you slowly drift apart sometimes, I didn’t see Jacque as much, but we did our best to stay in touch. I remember when her and Ralph wanted to move out of the house they were in and ended moving into a Villa. They stayed there about a year and wanted to go back living in a house. I think they both really enjoyed having a big yard and working in it. I also think they both liked entertaining, if not, they put on a good show. They had some really special friends.

    It saddens my heart that Jacque is no longer with us. I did get to see her in the hospital a couple times before she left. She will always be with me in spirit. She was really a special friend and the sweetest, kindest person I can say I have ever met. We never got into a disagreement that I can recall, and I can’t say that about all my friends, lol. I’m shedding tears as I am writing this. I will never forget the times we enjoyed together and how special she was to me.

    On a side note: Jacque spelt her name Jackie when we were in high school. I thought that was pretty neat when she changed it. A little uniqueness. That’s what she was, unique.

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