cremation services in St. Charles, MO

Since there are lots of options for cremation services in St. Charles, MO, that means there are lots of options for the reception that might take place after the service. You will want to use the service style to inform the reception. Here are a few service options along with good ideas for the receptions that will follow them.

A Traditional Cremation Service

Traditional services often feel more like funerals. They take place in a funeral home, church, community center, or another such location. Since the service was traditional, it is often nice to go with traditional reception ideas as well. You will want food and beverages as well as tables and seating for everyone that might attend. The food could be simple, like sandwiches, a potluck, or something else of that nature. It’s nice to have comfort foods like desserts as well.

A Celebration Of Life In A Park

If the family is celebrating their loved one’s life in the park instead of going traditional, the reception can blend in with the service and be all at once. The food becomes a part of the celebration and you will want to work along with what the family plans to do. If they are having a celebration that revolves around Hawaii because their loved one adored the trip they took there once, you will want to get food that goes along with that theme. Otherwise, you might just go with picnic foods that can be picked up and eaten any time during the celebration.

A Small, Intimate Service In A Home

If the family is using a home for the service, that home can also be the site for the reception. You could cook something right there in the home, if you are able, or have something ordered to be brought in at the right time. It’s easier to have something warm when there aren’t as many people or as large of a space to serve. But cold items like sandwiches can also still work. It’s nice for the family to have leftovers, too, that they can freeze and dole out over the days to come.

cremation services in St. Charles, MO

These are a few of the ideas you might come up with for certain cremation services in St. Charles, MO and the receptions that might be fitting around them. Not every cremation service even calls for a reception at all, but if it feels like the right way to go, the professionals at St. Louis Cremation can help you come up with ideas. We want to help the cremation go off without a hitch, but we also want to help you support those services with anything else you’d like to have go along with it, like a reception. We have plenty of ideas and recommendations we’re happy to share and we can even come up with customized options when you need help in that way. We’re here to offer support however we can through a process that can be very hard to navigate.


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