Talking To A Child About Cremation Services


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As a parent, you are going to have to answer all sorts of uncomfortable questions because kids want to know things. It’s a good thing that your child comes to you for answers, but sometimes, it can be hard to come up with the right things to say. Someday, your child may ask questions about a cremation service in St. Charles, MO that your family is having for a loved one, or that they heard a friend attended for someone they knew. That could lead to all sorts of things and you might want to prepare yourself for that discussion. Here are some hints and tips to help you through it.


Ask Your Child What They Already Know

If your child wants to know more about cremation, you might want to start the discussion by asking them what they already know. They might have some misconceptions that you need to correct or they might already know a few things. Kids like to share what they know so let them guide the discussion by letting you in on what they already know first.


Use Simple Terms

You might think that just reading the definition of cremation to your child could help, but there are often larger terms that are hard to understand and you will need to break it down in simple terms that your child can actually grasp. You know what your child knows and doesn’t know so you can help them to break down definitions and understand meanings.


Encourage Questions

Once you learn what your child already knows and you tell them a little about cremation, encourage them to ask questions so you can address exactly what they want to know. Maybe they don’t care so much about the process, but they really want to know what people can or should do with ashes once they are cremated. Let your child guide what you tell them based on what they want to know.


Learn More About Cremation With Themcremation service in St. Charles, MO

You don’t know everything. Your kids will love to hear you admit that. And if cremation is a weak area for you, tell your child that the two of you will learn together. You can set up a consultation with a funeral director or even take a tour of a crematory and your child can ask anything they want to know. You might have some questions in mind as well so you can learn alongside them and figure out the whole cremation thing together.


It can be hard to talk to a child about a cremation service in St. Charles, MO because death is always a tough subject, but cremation is so popular today that you are going to have to address that method with your child at some point. The professionals at St. Louis Cremation help with cremation services, but you can also call us and ask any questions you or your child have so you can both understand the process a whole lot better for the future.