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The Versatility Of The Cremation Service Option

cremation services in St. Louis, MO

There are plenty of reasons why cremation services in St. Louis, MO are so popular today. More people are going with cremation now than ever before. While cremation has been around for thousands of years, today, it is used as the disposition method about half the time. One of the biggest reasons people appreciate cremation is because of its versatility. And it’s not versatile in just way, but in many ways. Here are a few such ways:

The Cost

While cremation is pretty much always lower in cost than a traditional burial, there are cost ranges in question as well. If you go with a direct cremation, which occurs shortly after death once the paperwork is complete, the cost is at an all-time low. If you decide on a full cremation with a traditional funeral beforehand, that will raise the cost quite a bit. There are plenty of cost options in between. The versatile choices allow people on smaller budgets to get what they need while those who want to add more can also fit into the cremation option.

The Services

When you have a traditional burial for a loved one, a funeral goes along with it and that’s that. If you choose cremation instead, the service options are nearly limitless. You can have a memorial service soon after the cremation or you can have one a month or even longer down the road. You can have a celebration of life that commemorates a life well-lived. You can even just do an ash-scattering or, if you choose, nothing at all. Families can gather for something special or they can do several things as individual units. There are no right or wrong answers on services and the options are endless.

The Resting Places

With traditional burials, resting places lie within cemetery plots and that’s that. With cremation, the options are highly versatile. Some people still bury urns in much smaller cemetery plots while others place them within a columbarium in a cemetery. There are also people who scatter ashes into water, around their homes, in parks, or other special places. You can even keep askes in an urn within a home in a special location. And some families also like to split the ashes up into mini urns so many different people can have a piece of the loved one who passed on.

When you are considering whether or not a cremation service in St. Louis, MO is right for your own pre-plans, or for a loved one who passed away, remember the versatility within the options. You can contact the professionals at St. Louis Cremation with your questions at (314) 241-8844. Our compassionate representatives are here every step of the way. You can also set up a time to speak with us in person at 2135 Chouteau Ave St. Louis, MO 63103. We can show you around our facilities, talk about the processes, and go over packages, options, and unique ideas that might suit your needs better than others.