What To Do With A Military Flag After Cremation Services

cremation services in St. Charles, MOThere are certain honors that those who have served in the military get and deserve when they pass on if you request it. If you get an American flag for their cremation services in St. Charles, MO, for example, having that folded before you and handed to the next of kin as a thank you for their service can be very touching and memorable. Once the services are complete, you might wonder what you should do with that flag. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Place It In A Flag Case

The flag will be folded like a triangle and handed to you. You can get a flag case in the same shape to place the flag in and put it in a location of honor within your house. If you keep your loved one’s remains, you can put their urn with it along with other memorable items. Or, you can just put the flag somewhere to remember their service in a nice way.

Fly It

There is some controversy around this option. Some people feel once the flag is folded, it should remain so in honor of your loved one’s death and the service they gave beforehand. You may want to check into the local feelings on that. Plus, keep in mind that if you fly a flag outside, it will likely fade in the sun and possibly get ripped and torn in the wind. You might want to preserve it. You could, however, hang it flat on a wall in your house, perhaps, if you want to open it.

Drape It Somewhere Special

Again, if you feel comfortable opening the flag, you could drape it somewhere special in the home. You might place it on the fireplace mantel under your loved one’s urn or on a high shelf where it shows in a place of honor to remember their service.

Wrap It In A Special Urncremation services in St. Charles, MO

There are urns of many different types and you might be able to find an urn that has space for the flag as well as your loved one’s remains. It might be a box that is attached that will show the flag or it might be something you place altogether, depending on what you want.

Put It In A Shadow Box

Shadow boxes have a depth to them that allows for a flag to sit inside and remain protected. You can put other things in a shadow box as well, like perhaps awards your loved one was given as a part of their service, a picture of them in uniform, or anything else you want.

There are lots of things you can do to honor a loved one around their cremation services in St. Charles, MO. If they were in the military, you might want to honor them by placing the flag you are given somewhere special. It’s a nice way to remember that person’s service and their life as a whole at the same time.


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