Can Kids Participate In Cremation Services?

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When someone in your family passes away, you are concerned with your grief, arranging the cremation services in St. Louis, MO, and, if you have children, you will also be worried about their reaction. Each child will grieve in a different way and it’s important to meet them where they are. Some kids might feel honored, special, and better about their station in the family is they are able to participate in the cremation service in some way or another. Here are some things they might be able to do:


Attend The Memorial

It’s not mandatory for children to attend a memorial service, but it might be good for your child in order to get closure over the death and say a final goodbye. While it can be overwhelming for them to see people who are usually so strong in their lives cry and be sad, it’s good for them to know that those kinds of actions are okay during this time. Just having them attend the memorial, if they are in a good age range and you think they can handle it, might be enough participation for them.


Hand Out Programs Or Pictures

Depending on the type of memorial service you are having, you might have programs or pictures or something else to pass out to guests. Kids of a variety of ages can do that job, even if you’d like to have an adult with them helping them. It’s nice for guests to see the young faces of family members and it can make the children feel useful. It also gives them something to do if there is a wait before the service begins.


Read Something

Services are all that much more special when you have family members and friends doing readings and participating in other ways. If your child is old enough and bold enough, they might be able to read a Bible verse or poem for the memorial service in honor of your loved one. It can make them feel like they are doing something special for the person who passed away, and they are. This isn’t for every child, but for the right child, it can be a nice way to include them.


Help Seat People

When people arrive at the service, your child could help to seat them, like an usher. Have them keep an eye on empty seats so they know what’s available. When someone arrives, they can show them to a seat that will fit their whole party.

cremation services in St. Louis, MO

There are lots of other ways you can include kids at cremation services in St. Louis, MO. If you have a child that would like to participate in some way or another, contact the professionals at St. Louis Cremation and we can help you figure out where your child might fit in. Tell us about your child, what they might be comfortable with, and what you want for them and we’ll come up with ideas to help them do something special at the service.


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