Cremation Memorials: When To Have Them

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Once you have a cremation service in St. Charles, MO for a loved one, there’s no timeline on having a memorial services after that. You can do whatever you want at any time. What you will want to think about is when you should have the memorial. Here are a few examples of timelines you could choose for your loved one’s services.

A Few Days After The Death

The traditional thing to do is have a memorial service a few days after your loved one’s death, as you would with a funeral. That can put some pressure on you to get the plans lined up quickly, but it can also feel like a good time to say goodbye and lay your loved one to rest. IF you want to get something together quickly, let the cremation provider help and get your family in on the plans as well.

A Week After The Cremation

You can have something soon after your loved one’s cremation occurs, but perhaps a few days later than you would with a regular funeral. Have the memorial a week after the cremation takes place and that gives you a bit more time to plan and more warning to give to family who might have to travel to your location. You are still doing something fast, but not quite as quickly as you would with the traditional route of having something just days after death.

Several Weeks Down The Road

If you want time to plan something special for your loved one, you may want to set a date for their memorial that is a few weeks down the road. With that time, you can put together something really special to honor them. You can also give family fair warning so they are able to take time off work, make arrangements, and travel to your location for the service. With a bit more time, you can come up with unique ideas that you have time to put into effect.

A Month Or More Into The Futurecremation service in St. Charles, MO

You can also put off the memorial service for a month, two months, or even a year. This could give you time to grieve and get your own emotions straightened out. When grief is heavy, it can feel hard to think straight and get plans in order. When you give yourself, and your family time, you can plan something that feels right.

There’s no right or wrong time frame in which to plan a cremation service in St. Charles, MO and you can do whatever feels right for your family and your situation. Whether you want to plan a memorial right away or not, the professionals at St. Louis Cremation are here to take care of your loved one’s cremation process. Once they have what they need, you can make other decisions where the memorial, final resting place, and other details are concerned. Give us a call and ask any questions you have about the process and we’ll be by your side from there.