Cremation Service Keepsakes To Consider

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When you go with cremation services in St. Charles, MO for a loved one, you might like the idea of unique options for that special person. Cremation takes care of their needs, but there are nearly endless things you can do around that service in order to customize the experience for everyone. That means you can have a special memorial service or decide on a unique final resting place, among other things. There are also cremation service keepsakes you can get to remember your loved one by in the years to come. Here are a few such options that the providers can show you and talk to you about.

Special Urns

When you choose a cremation package for a loved one’s final services, it includes everything you have to have. It’s always a good place to start and it can help you to ensure their needs are covered with one purchase. They get transportation, care, the cremation process, and a simple container for their remains. However, you can get an urn for them instead of using the provided simple container. There are a variety of beautiful urns that can meet needs and be something you like keeping around as a memorial.

Cremation Jewelrycremation services St. Charles, MO

If you’d like to keep at least a few of your loved one’s ashes with you, cremation jewelry can be a good fit for you. These jewelry pieces often are shaped like hearts, crosses, or pendants, among other options. They fit only a little bit of cremation remains, but they are something you can wear to keep your loved one close. No one has to know but you unless you tell them. You could also store the item in a place of honor in your house, on display, between uses.

Remembrance Statues

It might be nice to have something visual to remember your loved one by, like a statue. There are lots of options like crosses, angels, and other such things that can remind you of your loved one. You can place it in your house, in your landscaping, garden, or anywhere else you want to put it. When you see that statue, you think of your loved one. You might even store some of their ashes inside so they are actually present within that statue.

Photo Urn Frames

One way many people memorialize their loved ones is to have a picture of them on display in their homes. You can also get a frame that has an urn tucked in behind it so you can store some of their ashes in your home while displaying a photo of that special person. It can make a great memorial.

IF you decide that cremation services in St. Charles, MO are the right angle for your loved one, you might want some kind of product to help you to memorialize that special person. There are plenty of things that the cremation provider offers and they can give you vendor names for outside companies that have even more options available to you.


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