cremation service in Ballwin, MO

Planning cremation service in Ballwin, MO for a loved one can be hard, but it’s also very special. You want to give your loved one the proper send off, but you also want to honor their memory in a unique way. Cremation services, more than any other service, can help you do just that. You can do whatever you want with these services. Having cremation services in certain ways can help your loved one’s memories feel alive once again. Here are a few ideas you could utilize.

Open The Floor To Anyone

You might be the person who knows your loved one the best, but that doesn’t mean you are the only one with memories to share. You could hold a cremation service at which you open the floor for anyone to share a memory or story about your loved one. Your family might laugh together, cry a little, shake their heads, and possibly even learn something new you didn’t know before. Letting anyone who wants to speak can be a great way to bring memories alive for everyone to enjoy.

Make Pictures Prevalent

Most cremation services have at least one picture of the person who passed away included. But you can make the pictures a prevalent part of the service, if you’d like. Make a memory wall where you put pictures of your loved one from various stages in their life for everyone to see. Include a slideshow of pictures and music as part of the service. Have photo cards of your loved one to pass out for keepsakes. Pictures always bring back memories and are a great way to allow everyone to remember your loved one fondly.

cremation servicesShare Memory Cards

You can have memory cards done in two different ways. First, you can collect memories about your loved one beforehand, possibly through a website, on social media, or by calling around. Print them up and pass them around for people to read out loud. No one has to share their exact thought on the spot, but can read what someone else has said. Or, you can have blank cards at the cremation service and let people write out memories there and place them on a wall so anyone who wants to can read them.

A cremation service in Ballwin, MO is something you want to do to honor your loved one, give them a final goodbye, and get closure yourself. You will also want to remember them fondly and remind everyone else just exactly who they were. It’s best to take your time thinking about the type of service you want to have and planning it all out. The professionals at St. Louis Cremation are here to give you ideas and suggestions so you can figure out what fits your family the best. Call us for a consultation whenever you are ready. Your loved one’s cremation will be in good hands with us and you will get the support and compassion you need throughout the process ahead of you.


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