Don’t Believe These Cremation Service Myths

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Even though cremation services in St Louis, MO are widely accepted and used today, there are still pieces of misinformation out there. And with the internet accessible to each and every person who wants details, that misinformation is easy to find and believe. If you run across things you aren’t sure about, or if you feel like the truth is a myth or the myths are true, it’s time to find the reason information. Here are some of the myths you may not have heard and the reality of those details.

Cremation Using Burning And Fire

If you know anything about cremation, you might think this is completely true. When you have a fire going in your fireplace, ashes result from the burning of the wood and paper you place inside. And that’s how your loved one is turned into ash in a crematory, right? Their body is burned with flames. That is not a nice visual and it isn’t at all the case. No flames or fire ever come into contact with a body that is cremated. Instead, the crematory is heated to such a high degree that the body changes form into an ash-like substance. It feels nicer to know that your loved one isn’t being burned at all.

Funerals Are Not Options

Cremation can happen quickly after a person dies and you might assume that you can either have the cremation done, or you can have a traditional funeral—you can’t have both. That also is not the case at all. You can have both if that is what you want. There are two ways to go about having a funeral. You can have ‘full cremation’, which is a funeral service, complete with a visitation, first, then cremation after. Or, you can have direct cremation followed by a memorial service that feels like a funeral. It can be nice to put the ‘funeral’ process on whatever timeline you have in mind without as big of a rush.

Religious Communities Don’t Like Cremationcremation services in St Louis, MO

Not true. Most major religions are completely okay with cremation. Some faiths even promote the option as their preferred method. There are a few holdouts, but the majority of the religions out there appreciate cremation as the honorable option it is.

You Don’t Know Whose Remains You’ll Get Back

Every cremation provider has a method in place, and you can ask them to tell you what that procedure is like to give yourself even more comfort in the option. These processes identify the deceased and ensure that no one is ever mistaken for someone else. Remains are also kept completely separated so your loved one, whose ashes you receive, is through and through the person you loved and no one else.

When you are considering cremation services in St Louis, MO for a loved one or your own pre-plans, having all of the information you need will help you to make an informed decision that can help you to move in the right direction.


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