Embalming Before Cremation

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Embalming is a personal choice for the family and is not always necessary. The majority of the time, the body is cremated, and the ashes are stored, scattered, or buried by the family. If they want a funeral, it is usually held after the cremation. Nonetheless, many people prefer to plan a funeral or other memorial service ahead of time. Some believe that viewing the body helps with the grieving process. If they cannot see the body, some people find it difficult to accept that their loved one has died. The cremation service in Ballwin, MO will inform you about all aspects of embalming.

The Embalming Procedure

The steps for embalming a body are outlined below.


First, the body is cleansed and disinfected. It is massaged and flexed during this time. This is done to prevent rigor mortis, which is a stiffening of the body that occurs shortly after death. Even though rigor mortis eventually ends, massaging can help to postpone or move it along.

Procedures for the face

The face must be set before embalming procedures. Caps are placed over the eyes to keep the eyelids closed. Furthermore, it places the eyes in a natural position. This is usually done with a photograph of the deceased. The lips are sutured and the jaws are wired shut. The mouth is then manipulated, and an adhesive is used to secure the expressive so that it appears as natural as possible.

Arterial embalming

This is the process by which blood is removed from the body. It is drained from the vessels while embalming composites are pumped into the arteries at the same time. This is accomplished by using a pumping device that functions similarly to the heart by moving fluids through the arteries. The blood exits the body and flows into a drain, then into the sewer.

Cavity embalming

This procedure removes fluid and gases from the organs. An incision near the navel is made, and a large hollow needle known as a trocar is inserted. The trocar punctures the abdominal and chest organs as they are replaced with embalming chemicals. To prevent leaking, all openings in the body are then plugged in.

Embalming by hypodermic injection

It is a technique for injecting embalming chemicals into areas that could not be reached using other methods. A hypodermic needle is used to inject it.

Surface embalming

This step is carried out as needed. Embalming fluid is applied topically to the body in areas where decomposition has caused damage. The body is then washed and dried again.

Cosmetic Applicationscremation service in Ballwin, MO

On the hands, face, and neck, moisturizer is applied first, followed by makeup. Before styling, the gel is sometimes applied to the hair. The powder is also used on the body to absorb oils and mask odors. Reconstruction may be required if the body has been damaged in areas such as the face, neck, head, and hands. To reshape damaged areas, wax is frequently used.

We don’t give much thought to whether or not to embalm during our lifetime. However, we need to know the specifics when the time comes to arrange for a loved one’s cremation. The cremation service in Ballwin, MO hopes to have been of assistance in this regard. If the family wishes to hold a memorial service, the decision on whether to embalm can be made. However, the sole reason should be to provide comfort and closure to family and friends who are grieving. Call or visit us right away.