Involving Family In The Cremation Service Obituary

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When a loved one passes away, you might find that family members come out of the woodwork and they all want to help with the cremation service in St. Louis, MO in some way or another. If you are keeping things simple, you might not feel like there are many things people can do, but they could perhaps help with the obituary. Here are a few ways to break that up so that you can involve your family in the process.


Have Someone Gather Bio Details

If one person in your family likes to keep a family tree and knows all the dates and names and so on, they would be a good person to gather the biographical information you need for the obituary. Give them a list of what you need or have them look through obituaries and make their own list and then have them gather those items. You can ask for them to give you the details in list form, or have them write up that part of the obituary since it is straightforward.


Ask Others For Personality Ideas

Your loved one was a special and unique person. While you don’t have a lot of room in the obituary to get details across, you should try and get their personality in there somewhere. Ask your family members to brainstorm and let you know something about your loved one that stood out the most to them. Maybe they always had a joke to tell when they got together or perhaps they volunteered at an animal shelter, denoting their love of pets. Gather some ideas and see if there’s one that most people mentioned that you can work into the obituary.


Have Proofreaders

The obituary is going to go on the cremation provider’s website and it could go into newspapers, too, if you so choose. You want it to be right and you don’t want spelling errors, especially in names or dates. Have some of your family members look over what you have done and proofread it for date accuracy, spelling, and other things to ensure that everyone is good with the way it is set up and that everything is correct before you turn it in.


Charity Inclusioncremation service in St. Louis, MO

If it’s not already obvious, you can also take a poll of the people in your family to see what charity they feel your loved one would like to support with memorial money people may send. You can place that in the obituary so people can send donations right to that charity instead of sending it to the cremation provider or to you in order to be more direct.


When you are working on a cremation service in St. Louis, MO for a loved one who has passed on, there are many things you might have to do, but if you are keeping things simple, having family help with the obituary can allow them to feel included. Contact the professionals at St. Louis Cremation for more ideas and options.