Mistruths Around Cremation Services

cremation services in St. Louis, MO

Cremation services in St. Louis, MO have become more popular in recent years because more people accept and understand them. However, there are still mistruths out there. While the internet is a great resource for information, you can’t believe everything you read. Here are some of the mistruths you might run across or believe and what the real truth of the matter is.

1-Cremation Uses Fire

You might think that cremation burns the body, but that’s not the case. Rather, the crematory is heated up to an extreme temperature and that is what dissolved the body instead. No flames ever come into contact with your loved one and that’s a comfort. It’s nice a pleasant thought to consider your loved one being burned.

2-Religions Are Against Cremation

While there are a few religions that still don’t advocate cremation, most major religions accept it and are completely fine with the option. Some even promote cremation as their disposition method of choice. If you are concerned about that, you will want to ask your faith’s leader and see what they say about your religion’s belief system.

3-Funerals Can’t Go With Cremation

Cremation services take care of all of the needs, but you can add whatever you want to them to honor your loved one. For example, you can have a funeral before your loved one is cremated is you would like to do something traditional upfront. You can also have them cremated and then have a memorial service that feels just like a funeral service minus the casket. There are plenty of options for funeral-like services, even with cremation.

4-Remains Are Mixed Together

cremation services in St. Louis, MOYou might be concerned about the remains you get back when your loved one is cremated and returned to you, but that is not something to worry about. Every crematory has processes in place so your loved one is identified thoroughly before they are processed. And, the crematory is thoroughly cleaned out between individual cremations. You are getting your loved one and your loved one alone back in whatever container you choose for them. You can ask the cremation provider for more details about how things are run to feel even more confident in the way they operate and what you will receive at the end of the cremation.

When you are thinking about having a cremation service in St. Louis, MO for a loved one, it is a permanent process, so you do want to be completely sure about it before you move forward. One of the best things you can do is simply contact the professionals at St. Louis Cremation and ask any questions you have. It’s okay if you feel like some of your questions are basic. They are there to help you with the ins and outs of cremation so you can move forward with complete confidence. You want to feel good about how you are honoring your loved one. Keep in mind that all of the options are honorable. You just have to do what’s best for your family at this time.