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Helen Mae Johnson
Helen Johnson
Harry Bausch
Harry Bausch
Leonard E. Breeden
Leonard Breeden
Henry Cochran Kendall
Henry Kendall
Walter E. Henze
Walter Henze
Ella Mae Johnson
Ella Johnson
Iver Wick
Iver Wick
Cheryl Lynne Roehr
Cheryl Roehr
Peter J. Sita
Peter Sita
William E. Craig
William Craig
Donna Ragsdale
Donna Ragsdale
Esther Jean "Cherry" Phillips
Esther Phillips
Frank B. Posey
Frank Posey
Jean Derleth
Jean Derleth
Esther Henderson Buck
Esther Buck
Sister Carol Reeb
Sister Carol Reeb
Wilbert E. Diel
Wilbert Diel
Robert Merrill Russell
Robert Russell
LaVerta Modestine Bond
LaVerta Bond
Michael Gary
Michael Gary