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Roger Ray Elder
Roger Elder
Richard R. Skyles
Richard Skyles
Anne Elizabeth Cooney
Anne Cooney
Joan A. Davis
Joan Davis
Bernice Teske-Lugger
Bernice Teske-Lugger
Stanley Altepeter
Stanley Altepeter
Harold Edmund Wacker
Harold Wacker
Suzanne Toliver Kemp
Suzanne Kemp
St. Louis Cremation
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Andrew Becker
Andrew Becker
Ruby Bessie Wonsewitz
Ruby Wonsewitz
William "Billy" Fischer
William “Billy” Fischer
Lisa Michelle Cooper
Lisa Cooper
John Vogler
John Vogler
Andrew Haffner
Andrew Haffner
Robert William Payne
Robert Payne
Thomas Michael Waymire
Thomas Waymire
Martin Charles Hanak
Martin Hanak
Gerald "Jerry" Francis Byington
Gerald “Jerry” Byington
Mary A. Schilling
Mary Schilling