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Nelle Briscoe Rodgers
Nelle Rodgers
Hospice Only
Hospice Only
Jesse James Crook
Jesse Crook
Sandra S. Bouman
Sandra Bouman
Zelmar Alice Bond
Zelmar Bond
Elva LaVerne Eller VanMierlo
Elva VanMierlo
Freeman Durham
Freeman Durham
David L. Williams
David Williams
Rosalia Yvonne Schaffner
Rosalia Schaffner
Margaret A. Carl
Margaret Carl
Charles "Max" Peterson
Charles Peterson
John "Jack" Ebinger
John Ebinger
Edward Frank Berg
Edward Berg
William Richard Pack
William Pack
Althea Robnett
Althea Robnett
Richard D. Scott
Richard Scott
Kurt S. Kestermeier
Kurt Kestermeier
William "Bill" Archer
William Archer
Mary E. Rebstock
Mary Rebstock
Stella M. Lawrence
Stella Lawrence