Is It Okay To Take Photos At Cremation Services?

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Cameras used to be a pain. They were large and you had to have a film in them. Many of the shots turned out blurry or had your finger in them. You didn’t always have one with you. Today, however, almost everyone has a camera along with them everywhere they go within their smartphone. Any shot that doesn’t turn out can easily be deleted and the camera is always there, waiting to document whatever life brings your way. If you are going to a cremation service in Ballwin, MO for someone you lost, you might wonder if you are able to take pictures at that event. The answer can vary. Read on to learn more.

It Depends On The Family’s Wants

You will want to consider the family in everything you do when you attend a cremation service. All of the decisions are completely up to them and you want to respect those decisions, whatever they are. If you want to take pictures of something, it’s best to check with them first. It will likely be okay for you to take a picture of a floral setting, a memory table, and other such things, but ask first before you do something they might see as disrespectful.

It Depends On The Service Type

You aren’t going to want to snap photos of someone giving a eulogy at a memorial service that has a formal, traditional feel to it. You also don’t want to take pictures of family members when they are emotional. However, if the family has a celebration of life and everyone is outside playing frisbee to honor your loved one, that’s a different story, and photos might very well be okay. But again, talk to the family before you take anything at their event.

It Depends On The Timingcremation service in Ballwin MO

It’s often okay to take pictures at a reception after a cremation service. Families aren’t always able to be in the same room together and at this time, they are. You might want a group shot or a picture with your favorite cousin that you haven’t seen for years. Don’t take these pictures at the memorial service, but after at the reception when the timing is better.

It Depends On Others Who Would Be In The Pictures

It might be okay to take a picture of the flowers on the altar, but what about the people standing behind the arrangement? You will want to watch where you point your camera, even if you have permission, as you don’t want to get shots of someone who wouldn’t appreciate being documented during a hard time.

There are a lot of things to consider when you attend a cremation service in Ballwin, MO for someone you admired. Taking pictures is something that some families want. They might even hire a professional to document the day and to help them gather memories of the way they honored their loved ones. Other families might find it overreaching and disrespectful, so you will want to check with them.


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