Why Do You Need a Cremation Urn Vault

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Someone you care about has died and will be cremated. The decision has been made to bury their ashes at the nearby cemetery where your family owns lots. Everything went off without a hitch during the funeral home arrangements. All of the necessary paperwork was completed, a lovely urn was chosen, and a one-of-a-kind final farewell was planned. There were no surprises until you discovered that a vault was required to bury the urn. The cremation service in Ballwin, MO understands that families aren’t always aware of the importance of purchasing an urn vault. This is unfortunate, and we want to do our part to educate those who have experienced a loss or are making plans for their final wishes.

The reasons why you need a vault for a cremation urn are listed below.


The primary function of an urn vault is to protect the urn and the cremated remains it holds. These strong vessels, which can be made of a variety of materials, are designed to withstand the downward soil pressure caused by backhoes and other heavy cemetery equipment used at burial sites.


Burying an urn without a vault can cause the soil above it to settle too much, causing the grave to collapse. This is most common when an urn has naturally degraded over time. The resulting uneven land can be dangerous for cemetery visitors and maintenance crews. Although most states do not require urn vaults, most cemeteries will require some type of outer burial container as a safety and liability precaution.

Peace of Mind

Circumstances may arise that require an urn to be relocated after it has been buried. The urn vault serves as a structural barrier, protecting the urn throughout the process. An urn vault also assures families that their loved one’s urn will be intact and free of any outside components upon disinterment. Cemetery personnel will have an easier time locating the urn and will not have to worry about inadvertently damaging it. cremation service in Ballwin MO

Grave Memorial Preservation

The appearance and integrity of a grave memorial can be harmed by soil that has not settled evenly due to the absence of an urn vault. For example, granite, concrete, and marble markers are prone to cracking and chipping. Sinking will occur with markers made of any material, regardless of size or style. Arriving at a loved one’s grave and discovering the memorial in disrepair can be disheartening and upsetting, especially for someone who is grieving.

Visibility and Beautification

Cemeteries and memorial parks are intended to provide a peaceful environment with appealing aesthetics for family and friends attending graveside services or paying respects to a loved one.

Now that we’ve examined the numerous advantages of using an urn vault, the cremation service in Ballwin, MO hopes you agree one should always be used. It would be unrealistic and overwhelming to provide such a thorough explanation to a family making cremation burial arrangements for a loved one. The most basic and understandable explanation is that an urn vault protects a cremation urn in the same way that a traditional burial vault protects a casket, albeit on a smaller scale. Having said that, the benefits of using an urn vault extend far beyond security, and we hope you now appreciate their true worth. Come see us or call us right away.


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