Cremation and Visitation Procedures

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Not only is it possible to combine a cremation with a visitation, but there are several options. Families seeking cremation service in Ballwin, MO, frequently inquire whether it is possible to have both a cremation and a visitation. The question is predicated on the mistaken belief that having both is impossible. However, you can do so in more than one way.

Before we get into your options, let’s clear up a common misconception. Although the terms are frequently used interchangeably, there is a distinction between visitation and viewing. Viewing entails seeing and talking with the body before it is buried or cremated. A visitation is an expression of support by spending time with the bereaved. As a result, even though many families prefer it, the deceased’s body is not required to be present.

Let’s look at how cremation can be combined with a visitation.

Visitation Preceding Direct Cremation

This question is frequently asked in response to direct cremation. Because of the brevity of the process, traditional services such as a wake or visitation are out of the question. For low-income families who want to take advantage of direct cremation’s affordability, this can be a significant trade-off. However, this is not always the case.

One, before the cremation provider arrives, you can hold a small gathering. Before the body is transported to the crematorium, close family and friends can gather at the place of death. This, however, necessitates family members living nearby and acting quickly.

Another possibility is to hold the visitation at the cremation facility. Direct cremation does not include witnessed cremation, which allows close family members to see their loved ones before the process begins. However, the cremation industry is evolving, and some cremation providers allow families to view the body at the cremation facility.

The important thing to understand here is that the body will not be embalmed or specially dressed for an open-casket visitation. Most of the time, the body will still be dressed in the clothes that the person was wearing when they died. However, because the window is open until the proper paperwork is completed, this option buys you a few more hours than a gathering at home.

Traditional Funeral Service With Visitationcremation service in Ballwin, MO

A more convenient option is to hold a traditional funeral followed by a visitation before the body is cremated. This option is more expensive, but you get all the extra time you need for family and friends from far and wide to visit and view the body before cremation.

The funeral home embalms, dresses, and places the body in a full or half-couch casket, depending on your preference, in a traditional funeral with cremation. You have the option of purchasing the casket or renting one. After the visitation is over and everyone has had their say, the body is cremated.

These are the two primary methods for having visitation with a cremation. It is important to remember, however, that visitation does not necessitate the presence of a body. You can plan a visitation after the cremation with the urn and ashes present instead of the casket for added convenience and cost savings.

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