Utilizing a Rented Casket for Cremation Services

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Renting an item or service that we do not want to pay the full cost for is fairly common these days. To name a few, we rent out homes, cars, suits, and tools; so rather than paying the high cost of purchasing a casket, why not rent one for a funeral? The cremation service in St. Louis, MO can provide you with more information on this subject.

Rental caskets are not a new phenomenon. They have existed for many years. Funeral homes provided them to families who couldn’t afford or didn’t want to pay for an elaborate casket for a funeral. A rental casket could be used for the visitation and funeral, with the deceased later being transferred to a more basic casket for burial.

With the trend toward cremation, there is a greater need for a ceremonial casket that can be used for a ceremony before cremation. Funeral homes may have used a standard casket as a rental casket, which required de-sanitization after each rental and physical movement of the deceased in and out of the casket. A funeral home can now purchase a bespoke ceremonial rental casket to give their families more options for casket and ceremony.

What Precisely Is a Ceremonial Rental Casket

From the outside, a ceremonial rental casket resembles a standard casket. The difference is that the casket is designed to hold an inner cremation container as an insert within the casket. This can be easily slid out after the visitation or cremation ceremony for the deceased.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Rental Casket

The main advantage is the cost savings on a casket. It may also be easier for the family to decide whether to hold a visitation or ceremony before cremation if they do not have to purchase a casket.

Families frequently choose cremation because it saves money on funeral costs. The reduced cost of using rental caskets can benefit funeral homes and families. The family saves money on casket costs, and the funeral home earns money by renting a ceremonial casket rather than losing a casket sale entirely. Renting a casket is more environmentally friendly.

How Do You Go About Getting a Cremation Rental Casketcremation service in St. Louis, MO

Casket wholesalers sell ceremonial rental caskets to funeral homes. You would need to locate a funeral home that offers rental caskets. As more families express an interest in renting a casket for a cremation service, more funeral homes will see the benefit of providing the option of renting a casket.

The idea of renting a casket may be unsettling to some. The truth is that rental caskets are a practical option, especially for those who prefer cremation. A common misunderstanding is that rental caskets are reused, but this is not the case. They are specially designed with a removable interior container that is only used once and remains with the body during cremation. The outer shell is simply the casket’s exterior, which can be reused. Contact the cremation service in St. Louis, MO for more information, or come and see us.


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